Monday, December 13, 2010

POSTCARD!!! scotland

smoooore scotland photos

will place photos here when i get around to it.

irn bru

Irn Bru has one of the best "interesting facts" in the history of the business world.

Coca Cola is the number 1 selling soft drink in every country in the world.

except for 1.

and that 1 country is Scotland.

where Irn Bru is the king of pop.


Home of the world famous Scottish restaurant McDONALDS!

Except it's Scotland, so they don't just deep fry the french fries.

They also deep fry the coca cola

I found the ol' family castle.

Turns out I'm a prince.

How boring.

Should start saving up for that 50 million pound wedding.

Remember when you kept asking about that HAGGIS PIZZA.


There actually is haggis pizza.

And it's amazing.

It tastes like pizza with haggis on it.

have a blessed day


michael robot haggis brodie

.scottish robots

prince waffles

.wee michael BRODIE

Sadly, I've been stuck back guarding the fort. Sadly.

I enjoyed how there was about 6 different entrances to the castle.

It's like some sort of reverse maze that is way way to easy.

-Which way gets there?

-All of them.

"Yeah, you win again."

I must say I did enjoy the signs. "How did you guys know I was coming?"

And also enjoyed telling everybody who walked by that

they can visit me when ever they want.

have a blessed day


The Pictish king Michael Brude


michael robert adams brodie of clan brodie

(pick your favourite)